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Why Your Business Needs Commercial Photography?

“Photography is about capturing souls.” – Dragan Tapshanov

Today everyone has a camera for capturing their special moments to keep their memory intact. But other than this, photography is also about promoting businesses.

With the rise of digital marketing, the power of visual communication has increased. Did you know the most viewed photography over time is the Windows XP’s default wallpaper? With this, it has been proved that photographs and pictures are an essential source to engage the potential customers.

In today’s scenario, it is essential to include attractive images on websites and other printed marketing materials to spread your product message across the world. Hence, if you want to make your product look appealing and attractive, then use high-quality and engaging photographs. (They are just perfect for your brand image!)

Commerical Photography – Worth an Investment!

Photographs of your company are the source from where your potential customers get the first impression of your business. Commercial photography in Melbourne is considered as one of the most important investments in any businesses or organization. It is also proven to be an integral sales and marketing tool.

It is not only used to sell standard products of the particular company, but also to demonstrate the type of work the company is capable to produce. This is the reason it is vital to make your business stand out with good quality commercial photography portraying your brand.

Why Your Business Needs Commercial Photography?

According to one of the facts associated with commercial photography, “There are more than 350 billion photos which are taken worldwide every year”. Also, the power of visual communication has rocked the power of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

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Businesses looking for promoting their brands require professional photography. Still, to put some more light on commercial photography, here are some reasons which suggest that why every business should invest in high-quality commercial photography.

  • Guaranteed quality photographs

Investing in a professional commercial photographer in Melbourne results in some high-quality commercial photographs that can enhance your brand image and product sales. Commercial photography can create unique and stylistic pictures making the message crystal clear. Such photographs are the greatest asset helping in targeting potential customers.

  • Commercial photographs have flexible benefits

One of the most important benefits of commercial photography is that they deliver photos which are not only eye-catching, powerful and versatile but also depicts the importance of your business brand.

If you’re planning to market your business in Melbourne, you must be aware of the fact that the professional commercial photographs can be a market changer. So, opt for a commercial photographer in Melbourne for some outstanding commercial photos which can inspire potential customers to get to know your company’s story with expressive photographs.

  • Commercial photography is must for advertising your business

If you are considering print media advertisements for your business, then commercial photography is a must. It attracts more customers’ attention as compared to plain text. It helps to create a positive image of your business and build trust in your product.

  • Invest in professional photography for your online business

If you’re in an online business, then commercial photography is your only shop window! You will not deny the fact that while shopping on the street, a beautiful window display grabs your attention. The same way, beautiful and attractive photographs on your social media platform or on your business website can create a mesmerizing effect. Hence, approach commercial photographer which will not only increase your profits but also helps your business to grow.


From above reasons, you must have got a clear idea that commercial photography is essential for any businesses today. Regardless, if you are a startup or an established brand, invest in professional photos without any doubt and it will surely yield better ROIs.

Remember, a good visual content can let your customers stick to your brand!

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3 Unique Occasions for Beautiful Photo Opportunities

Photography is an art that has traveled a long way. It has been evolved from time-to-time, from the pinhole camera to the advanced DSLR cameras!

With the transformational process, the technology and equipment used today have gifted the world with the photography of the next level!  It plays a significant role in our lives by capturing memorable occasions, by inspiring others through illustrations, by sharing and communicating through photography and so on!

Popular as a lively city, Melbourne has showcased many such wonderful occasions. People over here tend to organize parties and there are plenty of events happening in the city often. The soaring demand of the event photographer in Melbourne is a proof of it!

Occasions and Photography Go Hand-in-Hand!

The occasions are a part and parcel of one’s life! Be it social or professional, it is always a good idea to have the memories of the event that we can cherish in the years to come. There may be different big and small events coming your way. But, considering an event photographer on the below events in Melbourne can really give you beautiful memories and moments that you can ponder upon again and again.

Special Events

Out of many, the most common occasions where photography is preferred are the weddings and birthdays! After all, these special occasions when captured with the lens can provide you with the memories of a lifetime.

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  • Weddings:

It is probably the happiest day of your life when you get married. This is the time when you go to any extent to make things look more than perfect. The decorations, the arrangements, the events, the venue, the dresses, the food and obviously, you! With a fairytale wedding, sizzling dramatic lights, magnificent ambience and a lovely couple adorned with the gorgeous attire, will you leave a chance of not capturing these wonderful memories?

  • Birthdays:

It’s a myth that birthdays are only meant for children. The first birthday is altogether a different story, but, in general, it remains special, regardless of the age! Though it comes every year, its essence remains the same for all! And, with the current trend of theme parties, the celebrations have gone beyond the cake and food! The theme parties demand a great decoration, a dress code, customized cakes, games, fancy food and much more! Capturing all these in one lens is a great idea to look back on your celebrations, isn’t it?

Corporate Events

Professionally, corporate events hold a lot of importance. It helps in acknowledging your business in the market. Organizing such corporate events in Melbourne is common, but the question is, are the returns of your investment in such events profitable enough for your business?

The best way to present your corporate event among your potential customers is through photography. Hiring an event photographer for your corporate event in Melbourne will enable you to promote your business, in a more enriched way! After all, infographics play a vital role. Merging the event photographs with your services can prove to be a game changer for your business.

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Family Photoshoot

Family photography in Melbourne is a growing trend. It is a great way to bring your family members under one frame! And the best part is you don’t need any special reason or occasion for this. So, if you are planning your family photo shoot in the near future, all you need is hiring a family photographer while considering these few points:

  • Studio or Outdoor – Where do you want to arrange your photo shoot, in a studio or at some open place amidst nature? It also depends on where you live and whether you have an access to beautiful nature or not!
  • Style – You can have a traditional photo shoot or the contemporary one, depending on your preference! Currently, the contemporary styles are grabbing the maximum attention!
  • Budget – This is the primary need. Set your budget first and arrange a photo shoot that works within it!
  • Finished Products – What do you want to have at the end of the shoot? A single large portrait of your family, a variety of framed prints or the digital images that you can share with your family and friends?

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Apart from the normal photography, you can ask your event photographer to cover your events on HD videos or even a combination of both formats. Incorporating the high-end techniques and equipment, the demand for event photographer in Melbourne has reached its peak.

After all, these are not just photographs, they are the memories that you can live again, whenever you wish to!


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How to Hire the Right Photographer for Commercial Photography?

Photography is a fine art that requires spending the time to take some good shots. Professional photography has become very popular today as we need professional photographers for personal and corporate photography.

If you are in a city like Melbourne, you will see photoshoots happening very often. As the city is so scenic, people prefer shooting portrait photography in Melbourne city. Not just that, many corporates have a special emphasis on commercial photography in Melbourne. People have developed taste for good photographs and that’s why photography has become so popular today.

Photography Industry in Australia

The statistics are enough to show that photography is an important industry in Australia. The photography industry in Australian region earns annual revenue of $985m with a growth rate of 1.2% every year. The photography industry employs about 12,000 people, including headshot photographers, portrait photographers, and commercial photographers.

According to Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2007 at least 13.7% of the photographers were involved with paid employment. The 2011 census showed that the photography services surged by 5.5%. In fact, 71.9% of photographers are involved with professional, scientific and technical services with the majority of the photographers residing in the state of New South Wales followed by Victoria as per the Australian Government.

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How to differentiate between a good and a bad photograph?

If you have an upcoming photography project and looking for commercial photographers in Australia, including Melbourne or Sydney, you should list down your requirements.

Whether you need headshot photography in Melbourne or any other major city or you are looking for portrait photography in beautiful cities like Melbourne, Gold Coast, Darwin etc., you should hire a professional.

Go through the portfolio of commercial photographers and shortlist your choices.

If you are an amateur in the photography world, here are few common errors which you should look out for when shortlisting photographers:

  • Blurry Images: Sometimes images may become blurred with the object and surroundings not clear to the viewer decreasing the quality of the image manifolds.
  • Chromatic Aberration: This is a kind of defect which occurs due to the dispersion of light from the camera lens. Colourful bands are visible around objects in the photographs making the photographs appear erroneous.

  • Shallow Depth of Field: When large apertures are used, the images have a shallow depth of field and the objects in the background of the main object appear blurred.
  • Lens Flare: When direct light hits in front of the lens then a flare appears which makes the dispersed light visible as colorful circles in the image.
  • Over Exposure: A lot of light can enter the lens during the time a photograph is being shot and the resulting image is that which contains a lot of white space in the pictures even more than what may seem to be normal.
  • Red Eye Effect: When a person looks directly into the camera in dimly lit place and a flash is used, the light entering the eye is reflected back by the retina and the eyes of the object appear red.
  • Underexposure: Too little light is recorded in the photograph and the areas in the image appear darker than what they must look like.
  • Vignetting: Many times the center of a photographic image may appear brighter then the corners, such a situation is known as vignetting. It can also be created during editing phase to bring attention to the center of the picture.
  • Image Noise: The appearance of speckles in the images is known as image noise and it causes substantial damage to the image quality making the image look like it is filled with grains.

Start your Photography Project!

Photography will continue to be popular as the visual medium has become so popular. The future of photography is quite bright and we will see a marked improvement in the ways in which photographs are used.

If you have a photography project in mind, just start researching for your needs. Go online and check out few portfolios of commercial photographers in Melbourne and shortlist your choices.Compare and shortlist the photographers, and get started!